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Apply the Pareto Principle to your Personal Finances

Welcome to 80/20 Your Finances where we will focus on the big things in your personal financial life! Why worry about a bunch of little things when you can worry about a few big things?

Most personal financial advice starts with cutting small costs in your everyday life. Here, we flip that advice on its head! It won’t work for everyone but it has for me. No, I’m not to my ultimate goal yet, but I’ve made some great progress. I want to share what has worked for me. Start the journey to financial independence!

I hate coffee

At least the Latte Factor. Why focus on the little stuff when there are big things out there?

Find Out Why I Hate Coffee

Go Big! Go Home!

What’s probably one of your biggest expenses? Your home! Whether you rent or own, let’s work on getting your housing costs down!

Focus on the Big Things

Money, Money, Money!

Let’s work on getting more money into your bank account! It’s called WORK for a reason.

Work For Your Money