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Get More Money From Your Job

We all want more money. It’s why you are here on this website after all.

Some people will tell you to go get a second job or to hustle. Or you know, start a blog. That’s not my advice, not yet.

Remember, we are working on the 80/20 – Pareto Principle here. We want the biggest impact we can make with the smallest effort. So what if I told you that you could make more money at your job? No need for a second job. No need to do hours of extra work with low reward.

Here, let’s focus on getting more out of the job you already have. That’s your A-number 1 job right now.

There are three main ways to get more money from your job:

  1. Get a raise
  2. Get a promotion
  3. Get a new job

Get A Raise

If you negotiate a $5,000 raise or additional salary early in your career, it could be worth $643,000! Investing that wisely and it would be worth over $1,500,000! That’s a lot of money for a little bit of effort early on in your career! And even if you have been out in the workforce for awhile, a raise can still be had with just a little bit of effort (20%) for a lot of long-term benefits (80%).

Read the 80/20 Guide to Getting a Raise at Your Current Job.

Get A Promotion

More responsibility usually comes with higher pay! Get a promotion at your job and you could be on the path to more money.

Get A New Job

Did you know that employees that stay at companies longer than 2 years may get paid 50% less than employees that change jobs often?

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