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Fall is the Best Time for New Resolutions

Come January, people will talk about their New Years Resolutions. But I think January is an awful time to start new resolutions. Fall is a much better time to start new projects and work on new goals.

Instead of starting your new resolutions in January, try September or October - when the weather is better and you are trying new back to school routines!

Why January Sucks for New Resolutions

January just isn’t a good month for me mentally to work on new resolutions. The days are short and the weather is yucky. It’s cold and I don’t even live in a snow prone area. But if you are working on a fitness goal, do you really want to be stuck indoors on a treadmill? When everyone else is also starting new resolutions.

January is also a busy month at work, with year end close for the finance departments. Many workplaces will kick off new projects with a new budget year. Who has time or energy to work on yourself in January?

And to me, starting a new personal project with the hangover from Christmas holidays is just never good for me. I’m usually doing good to get back to normal, not to raise myself to a new personal best version of me.

Basically, January has never been a good month mentally for me to start new resolutions.

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Back to School and Routines

Instead of starting your new resolutions in January, try September or October - when the weather is better and you are trying new back to school routines!I think my natural inclination to start resolutions in the fall comes from childhood when we would head back to school. It’s a natural time to stop and think about goals for the school year.

Families are back in their “normal” routines of school and work. Because we all know that vacation is not the time to start a diet. Or a new spending plan.

You get into a routine and things like menu planning can become the norm. It’s a great time to think about more cooking at home. In fall, it’s still warm enough to be grilling or making salads – easy ways to transition into eating at home versus complex casseroles that you will want more when the weather is cooler. Score one for the frugal foodie.

Even though I don’t have any children and I’m done with all my schooling (well, unless I decide to go get yet another degree), I still see how the school calendar affects me. First of course is the traffic. Everyone is back from vacation and school buses are everywhere. And with everyone back from vacation, I can get appointments with people like financial advisors, bankers, and insurance agents much easier.

A lot of companies hire in the fall so they won’t have to schedule around summer vacations. And it’s not just the new employee’s vacation but also the manager’s and whoever will train the new employee. So if your resolution is to find a new job, now is a great time to hit up hiring managers.

Companies also like to start projects during the fall. With families falling into a “normal” routine, it’s often easier to schedule resources at the office. When your work gets exciting, with a new project, the rest of your life will often fall into place too. A great time to start on your new resolutions!

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What Time of Year Do You Start Resolutions?

Have you found a time other than January that is best for you to start new resolutions?

4 thoughts on “Fall is the Best Time for New Resolutions

  1. I’m with you on this, September is the perfect time for reviewing plans and new goals. I’m also a fan of spring goals when your spirits lift with the weather. I’ve never been a fan of January, partly for the same reason as you but also because I always tend to be awkward when told what to do when. If everyone is setting a goal in January, why would I want to be the same 😉

    1. Sarah, sometimes we just have to be contrarians, right? But I totally agree, particularly on say fitness/weight loss goals. Gyms are way too packed in January! Start now and beat the rush! And then you can look down upon all the New Years Resolutioners as mere common folk. 🙂

  2. Resolutions never worked for us. We switched to goals and actively track our progress though out the year.

    Our yearly goals are picked right from our 5year goals which comes from the bucket list. So they are all things we know we want to accomplish.

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